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IV Therapy Treatment


Rehydrate and replenish your body with IV fluids.


Resolve nausea, headaches, & fight fatigue.

Stomach Flu

Get instant relief from upset stomach, nausea, & dehydration.


Improve endurance, shorten muscle recovery, & refuel the body.

Super Immune

Supercharge your immune system with a powerful dose of vitamins & antioxidants.

Energy Boost


 Replenish with essential energy-boosting fluids and vitamins.

Immune Boost

Strengthen your immunity and support whole-body wellness.

Myers Cocktail

Restore balance, alleviate chronic illness symptoms, and support overall wellness.


Fortify hair, skin, & nails, support collagen to help improve complexion.

Glutathione with Vitamin C

Brightens the complexion, fights inflammation, and reduces acne & improves immune function.

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