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Aesthetics treatments London

Experts in aesthetics

One Aesthetics Boutique offers a range of beauty and aesthetics treatments to customers in London and the surrounding area. Relax in the knowledge that our team are highly skilled and carry out every treatment to the highest industry standards. Our range of treatments include dermal fillers, facials and microblading. Read about our full range of treatments below and get in touch with our friendly team for chat about your individual requirements.


Targeting areas of fat including the back, belly, sides, forearms, thighs and hips.

Beautiful Model

Beauty treatments

Choose from a wide range of beauty treatments carried out in the comfort of your own home by our beauty professionals.

Body Sculpting Treatment

Body sculpting refers to an array of non invasive treatments to

help breakdown fat cells.

Breast Filler injection

Breast filler injections are a great way to increase their size or add volume. The filler substance can be made of a variety of materials, such as silicone, saline, or hyaluronic acid and this is injected into the breasts. It is usually a quick procedure, taking less than an hour to complete. 

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Body Treatments

Our body treatments use state-of-the-art technology and are performed by our highly trained staff to the highest standards.

Woman's body

Butt augmentation

Get in touch to book a firm favourite for a perfectly curvy silhouette.

Carboxytherapy For Eyes

Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical treatment used to treat and improve the appearance of dark under-eye circles. Carboxytherapy uses infusions of carbon dioxide that are injected beneath the skin.

In dentist chair


Keep your smile looking perfect with our range of dentistry treatments.


Dermalux is a non-invasive treatment that harnesses the power of pure light to target the skins natural revitalisation and repair processes.

Woman's face

Dermal filler

Our dermal filler treatments aim to soften facial lines and can be used on areas including the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet, brows, bunny lines, dimpled chin and jawline.

Endolift laser

Endolift is an innovative new minimally invasive laser procedure that targets the entire face. It targets mild sagging of the skin and fat accumulations on the lower third of the face (double chin, cheeks, mouth, jaw line) and neck, and also can be used to reduce the appearance of skin laxity of the lower eyelid.

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- Hydrafacial with the top boosters
- Deep cleansing with peels
- Dermaplanning and Dermapen
- Deep cleansing with face and neck massage

FemiLift Treatment

FemiLift is a minimally invasive laser treatment to help tone and tighten the muscles of the vagina, making it the perfect non-surgical solution for a wide range of feminine health concerns such as stress urinary incontinence (bladder weakness), vaginal dryness, and vaginal tightening. Offering long-lasting results that constantly improve over a full course of treatments. Some of the significant advantages of Femilift is that it is a fast, effective and minimally invasive treatment. Taking less than 30 minutes, Femilift doesn’t involve surgery or any extensive downtime.


Home visit senior skin expert facials

Home visit senior skin expert facials with facial massage (head, shoulder, neck and face).

Hair loss

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection is a novel procedure that uses your own blood platelets and targets areas of hair loss.

Hair loss

Hair and make-up

If you have a special occasion or a night on the town coming up, then why not book one of our professional make-up artists to complete your look.

IV therapy consultation

Get in touch to book a consultation for a range of IV therapies.

IV bag
Couple in bed

Intimate treatments

The PRP Intimacy treatment is the injection of an activated serum known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Lip filler

Get luscious, full lips with our lip filler treatments.

Lip filler
Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal works by directing concentrated light to target the hair follicle at the root. The laser inhibits the hair’s ability to grow without disrupting or damaging the skin’s surface, so even the most sensitive skin can be treated.


Are you tired of filling in your eyebrows every day? Why not try our microblading for a semi-permanent solution for perfect brows?

Eyebrows Makeup_edited_edited.jpg


Our microneedling treatment is a minimally invasive procedure used to stimulate the skin in order to soften the appearance of lines and blemishes. Because microneedling can be done with a small applicator or profession way as Morpheus8 so it’s up to you how you can make both small next to each other.

Mesotherapy treatment

Mesotherapy can instantly improve the appearance of dull, tired looking skin and superficial wrinkles but can also help to improve sluggish blood circulation, aiding the body to flush out ageing toxins. This treatment can also be used to target hyperpigmentation, acne and 'lit-from-within' skin glow.



Morpheus8 is the latest, non-surgical scientifically proven deep skin remodelling and skin resurfacing treatment. The treatment is effectively micro-needling combined with radio-frequency. Radiofrequency and micro-needling have both been scientifically proven to stimulate collagen production, elastin and new skin cells. The treatment itself works by delivering thermal energy using radiofrequency via small needles. The micro-needles cause minuscule trauma to the skin, which in turn stimulates the body’s natural healing response. New production of collagen and elastin fibres leave the skin tighter, smoother and healthier in tone and texture. Perfect for scar reduction, skin tightening, fine lines & wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Results are long lasting and can be seen from as little as one treatment!

Non-surgical facial sculpture

Target the jaw, cheekbones, corner of the mouth and more with our non-surgical facial treatment.

Face sculpture
PRP photo

PRP for hair, face and body

Target the scalp, eye area, scars, jaw line and other areas of the body with our PRP treatment.

Profhilo for face, body and neck

Target the face, body and neck with our Profhilo treatment.

PDO thread lift

PDO thread lift

PDO thread list is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure using cutting edge technology for natural-looking thread lifting.


Sclerotherapy effectively targets varicose and spider veins. It's often considered the treatment of choice for small varicose veins.


Book your aesthetics treatment today

Contact One Aesthetics Boutique today to discuss any of our beauty and aesthetics treatments with our expert team. All of our team are highly skilled and we are dedicated to delivering a first-class experience.

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